NFL coaches typically have their players’ backs when things get heated. Lions defensive end Cliff Avril and 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis have proved the same can be said for players supporting their coaches.

Following a postgame scuffle between Lions head coach Jim Schwartz and 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh on Sunday, Avril and Davis traded blows via Twitter.

Davis has since deleted his tweets, but as the Lions blog Pride of Detroit points out, he posted a few vulgar tweets after his team’s victory over the Lions.

Mixed in with plenty of profanity, Davis essentially mocked the Lions for losing on their home turf. And he apparently wasn’t too worried about showing class in the process.

“…its [expletive] football [expletive] classy.. Save classy for Mortons lol,” Davis tweeted.

Avril wasn’t too thrilled about Davis’ smack talk, though, and responded with:

“@AnthonyDavis76 lol that’s real professional homie… Well meet again and see what’s up”

After some more profanity, Davis told Avril that he pancaked him on a passing play before telling the Lions defensive end to go home, play with his kids and go to bed.

Avril’s response: “Ima grown man I don’t need to talk trash to anybody on twitter… I beef with no one on twitter…”

The two teams are off to surprisingly strong starts this season, meaning there’s a possibility that they’ll meet somewhere down the road in the postseason. If that’s the case, the battle in the trenches could be a doozy.

Check out Avril and Davis’ entire exchange by clicking here.

Editor’s note: Link contains strong language.