Luis Fernando Tena, coach of the Mexican national team, celebrated obtaining a gold medal in the Pan-Am final against Argentina calmly. He said he was greatly excited to hear the fans singing the Mexican anthem as the players received their medals and he assured that work would begin Saturday on the Olympic qualifiers.

"I think in general terms it was a good tournament," Tena said. "Our players played very well. Today, when we did not find the skill to win, we called on gamesmanship. I think Mexico was the best team of the tournament and it's a just medal."

After receiving the medal, Tena thanked the public, the same one that heavily criticized him when the desired results were not expected.

"I appreciate the support of the people, the fans," he said. "The criticism is part of football and we have to accept it. … Our players have given everything and they have had good form."

"Now we can sleep calmly," he said. "We could give our joy to the people. It doesn't have a price to hear the people sing our anthem, with the medal on our chest. Today we will celebrate, but tomorrow we have to begin thinking about Olympic qualifying."

Tena said he will be able to use players that were suspended due to misconduct prior to the Copa America.

Looking forward to the tournament, in which Mexico will attempt to secure a spot in the London 2012 games, Tena did not guarantee success but said they will work "with professionalism and seriousness to prepare in the best way for that tournament."

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