DeSean Jackson Expresses Frustration With Losing, Ends Postgame Interview Early (Video)


When a season comes unraveled as it has for the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles, it’s not rare to see tempers flare.

The latest event involved receiver DeSean Jackson, who hasn’t done himself any favors over the past few weeks in his pursuit of a new contract. Locker room video acquired by CSN Philly shows a premature end to a postgame locker room interview after Thursday night’s loss to the Seahawks.

During NFL Network’s broadcast of the game, cameras caught Jackson sitting on the bench with a blank stare as quarterback Vince Young was apparently trying to talk to him.

NFL Network’s sideline reporters alleged during the broadcast that Jackson hadn’t been speaking to his teammates while on the sideline.

When asked about these reports, Jackson said, “If that’s what they saw, then that’s what they saw. I’m not going into it.”

When asked further, he added, “I don’t have to sit here and answer those questions. My teammates know what it is.”

As the questions continued about his camaraderie with his teammates, his voice rose in frustration. When asked one final time about dissension, he gave a reporter a “psh,” mumbled something inaudible as he turned around, grabbed his backpack and left the locker room.

Catch the full video of the interview below.

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