Tom Brady Drops F-Bombs While Mic’d Up, Shocked Rob Gronkowski Left Wide Open by Colts


Tom Brady is very clearly a fiery competitor, as we see every week on television. When he talks to the media, though, he’s composed and deliberate, knowing anything he says about anyone will get blown up into a national story.

So when TB12 is mic’d up for sound, it’s a rare glimpse into what makes Brady one of the best quarterbacks to ever step on the field.

Fortunately, the quarterback wore a microphone for NFL Network on Sunday against the Colts, and among the many highlights was the quarterback showing just how much he hates it when his team isn’t playing well, and what he does to change that.

“One [expletive] possession in the first quarter,” a disgusted Brady said while playing catch with Wes Welker. “We got one [expletive] possession in the first quarter.”

Brady was then shown pacing along the sideline talking to his offensive teammates, telling them they needed to get some momentum going. They clearly did, as the Patriots rolled to open up a 31-3 lead by the end of the third.

Much of that lead was built thanks to Rob Gronkowski scoring three touchdowns. After the third one, Brady expressed some disbelief that it was so easy for the tight end to keep scoring.

“He’s wide open,” Brady said to nobody in particular. “I mean how hard is it?”

Other notable parts include Brady exchanging pleasantries with Peyton Manning (talking about how “awesome” it is being a father, mostly), telling his teammates that they need to make “a championship play” on the goal line and congratulating Gronkowski for blocking, something that certainly doesn’t show up on the score sheet but is appreciated by the quarterback.

Brady was also sullen on the bench late in the fourth quarter, after the defense allowed three late touchdowns, which pretty much guarantees he’ll be just as fired up next time he takes the field.

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Don’t you wish you could see more of this side of Tom Brady more often?

Tom Brady Drops F-Bombs While Mic'd Up, Shocked Rob Gronkowski Left Wide Open by Colts

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“I thought they were asking whether Andrew Luck should sit or play, and I think he’s too good to sit.”
–Archie Manning, trying to clarify his previous comments that made it seem like the Colts couldn’t exist with both Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

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Tom Brady Drops F-Bombs While Mic'd Up, Shocked Rob Gronkowski Left Wide Open by Colts

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