Report: Tim Tebow to Jets Trade Hits Snag, Contract Issues Could Nullify Deal


On second thought, not so fast.

ESPN reports that the trade that would send Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to the Jets has hit a snag because of contract issues.

According to the report, there is $5 million worth of "recapture language" in Tebow's contract which means that the Jets would have to pay back some of that money to make the deal go through. The report indicates that the Jets may be unwilling to do that, and the recapture language is the same reason that Jacksonville was unable to swing a deal for the quarterback.

While talks have hit a snag, there is no indication at this moment that the deal is dead. If the trade does fall apart, however, the St. Louis Rams would then slide into position to trade for Tebow, according to the report.

The Jaguars may also be ready to jump back in and try to swing a deal, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

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