Jimmy Rollins Doesn't Run Hard to First Base, Then Chirps Fan on Twitter After GameJimmy Rollins was in no rush to do anything in the top of the sixth inning on Wednesday, including running to first base on a ground ball.

The Phililes shortstop had an interesting day, and it started in the sixth against the Marlins, a game that would eventually become yet another loss for Philadelphia. 

Rollins took his time getting to home plate for his at-bat against Mark Buehrle in the sixth, moving so slowly that the Phillies TV announcers commented on it. The shortstop appeared annoyed upon heading to the plate, and could be seen muttering an annoyed expletive as he approached the plate.

Then, on the fourth offering of the at-bat from Buehrle, Rollins rolled over on a fastball, hitting a grounder to first base. Miami shortstop Jose Reyes was forced to back up on the ball, ensuring that a close play would follow with the speedy Rollins running.

Yet, Rollins was dogging it down the first-base line, and Reyes was able to field the ball with a foot on the outfield grass and flip it over to first base to get Rollins by about 20 feet. The TV announcers immediately commented on Rollins' blatant lack of hustle, as the leadoff hitter was clearly taking his time making the 90-foot journey to first base.

After the game, some Phillies fans — who have watched their team underachieve all year long — were understandably upset with Rollins. One fan called out Rollins on Twitter and got a response from the Phillies shortstop. 

Needless to say, it probably doesn't make things much better for Rollins.

See the tweet below (hat tip to Barstool Sports).

Jimmy Rollins Doesn't Run Hard to First Base, Then Chirps Fan on Twitter After Game