Miami's Late-Arriving Ways, Mess in Phoenix Put Them on List of Top 10 Worst Sports Cities in North America (Photos)Boston fans are lucky becuase they live in one of, if not the best sports city in the country.

But what if you weren't from Beantown? Places around the U.S. and Canada are suffering economically, and fans aren't turning out to games like they used to. The Red Sox' sellout streak is a testament to pure fandom, and a passion for sports.

However, Boston is a part of the minority when it comes to professional sports cities. Fan passion and dedication puts us near the top of the best of the best list. This isn't that list.

Stadiums and arenas can't sell out, games aren't shown on TV, and teams are threatening to move left and right.

Take a look at the top (or bottom) 10 worst sports cities in North America — that is, unless it's blacked out.

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