Dennis Rodman Calls Kim Jong Un ‘Awesome Guy,’ ‘Friend for Life’ After Visit to North Korea (Photos, Video)


Dennis Rodman is one mysterious character, and he added to that legacy with a journey overseas that was nonetheless an admirable gesture to the North Korean people and leader Kim Jong Un.

Rodman and Kim met up in several settings, including a North Korean basketball game and a sit-down dinner in Pyongyang. Rodman and Kim built a friendship throughout the adventures, with Rodman calling Kim “an awesome guy” and “a friend for life.”

Check out the photos below to see Rodman’s journey through North Korea — including a missile with The Worm’s face on it. Rodman also talks about the visit in the video below.

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Photo via Twitter/ToddsArmy

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un

Photo via Twitter/TheTimes

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong 5

Photo via Twitter/David Nakamura

The Worm

Photo via Twitter/CJ Fogler

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