Gregg Popovich Wants Second Question During Interview, Continues Tormenting Sideline Reporters (Video)


Gregg Popovich may have the driest sense of humor in the known universe. Which is of course what makes the San Antonio Spurs head coach so awesome.

Popovich has long been noted for his trolling of sideline reporters. For our older readers, “trolling” is Internet speak for “having some fun at the expense of.” Even Charles Barkley and Craig Sager (well, Sager probably deserved it) have felt the deadpan wrath of Popovich in the past.

So perhaps Popovich was just in a giving mood when he granted David Aldridge a sideline interview just prior to the fourth quarter of the Spurs’ eventual 129-127 double-overtime victory over the Golden State Warriors. After Aldridge’s first question, which was about containing Stephen Curry, there was no follow up. That prompted Popovich to feign indignation, and it was another interview made just a little bit surreal.

Check out Popovich’s unique brand of dry, deadpan humor in the video below.

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