Phoenix Suns’ New Logos Appear to Get Rid of Purple, Keep Orange Shooting Sun (Photos)


No, this isn’t the return of the 1990s Suns jerseys that everyone knows and loves.

But, short of going back to this fantastic situation, the Suns appear to at least be revising their logos and colors from the early-2000s look they’ve had for more than a decade.

An Arizona NBC affiliate has released what it says are the new Suns logos, and purple appears to be mostly gone from the shooting sun motif. The new logo options, parts of which follow the trend in uniform design toward being trimmed down and minimalist, can also be seen on some new Suns T-shirts that are already out.

Check out the logos and T-shirt in the photos below, and do your best to imagine Charles Barkley with that chopped-up S on his chest.


Photo via NBA Store

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