Rangers Rookie Jurickson Profar Afraid of Sharks, But Big Fan of ‘Mr. Bean’


Jurickson ProfarDon’t expect to see Jurickson Profar at the beach this summer. Instead, he’ll probably be brushing up on the latest Rowan Atkinson work.

Say what?

Well, Profar, who is beginning to make an impact with the Rangers after being ranked baseball’s top prospect before the season, seems to be a rather interesting dude, with a nod to HardballTalk. He did a radio interview with KTCK-AM in Dallas, and he revealed some fun facts about his personal life.

First, Profar expressed his displeasure with swimming.

“Oh, I don’t like water,” Profar said. “Water is for sharks and stuff … I always watch Discovery Channel and stuff and I see those sharks and I get scared.”

Fair enough. Profar isn’t the only person on the planet afraid of sharks, and he probably isn’t the only big leaguer who’s looking to avoid any Great White encounters. When it comes to Profar’s TV show of choice, however, he might be in a league of his own.

“ESPN. Let me see … Mr. Bean,” Profar said of the shows he watches in the United States.

Mr. Bean? What? Why? What year is this? And on what channel is he watching Mr. Bean?

Maybe there’s a Mr. Bean that a majority of the U.S. public is unaware of, but assuming it’s the same Mr. Bean that aired during the early 90s, it’s an interesting choice, to say the least.

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Photo via Facebook/Jurickson Profar

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