For two huge soccer fans, witnessing Team USA defeat Ghana 2-1 in their 2014 World Cup opener in person was the second best thing to happen to them on Monday.

Nick Brusich added even more excitement to the nail-biting second half as he got down on one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Buzan. Buzan said “yes” (obviously) and the crowd erupted into chants of “She Said Yes” that seamlessly — and awesomely — transitioned into “U-S-A” chants.

The only thing more impressive than popping the question in the midst of an intense World Cup game is that hordes of fans averted their eyes from the action on the field to watch the special moment that was captured by Yahoo! Screen.

The pair from Nashville, Tenn., are members of the U.S. soccer fan group, The American Outlaws, and their memorable trip isn’t over yet. They’ll remain in Brazil for the next two U.S. games of the group stage, according to Yahoo! Sports.

They better start brainstorming about their honeymoon now, though, if they want to top their proposal excursion.