BOSTON — New England Patriots fans either didn’t read the weather report, or they didn’t care.

Despite an unpleasant mix of snow and freezing rain and temperatures in the low 30s, more than 1 million people flocked to downtown Boston on Tuesday for a parade celebrating the Patriots’ improbable Super Bowl LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

By now, you’ve probably seen the scenes from ground level — including Tom Brady’s catch, Rob Gronkowski’s beer spike and Bill Belichick’s awesome chant — but what did the celebration look like from the duck boats that rolled down Boylston Street?

This writer was lucky enough to find out, riding along in the media duck boat — Beantown Betty, to be exact — to capture the sights and sounds as the Patriots’ players, coaches and staff saw them.

Here are some of the highlights:

There was, of course, plenty of dancing — both during and after the parade.

Patriots fans packed the parade route, some with pretty creative signs directed at a certain NFL commissioner.

Long story short: Tuesday’s parade went off without a hitch. It’s almost like the city has done this before.

Thumbnail photo via Darren Hartwell/NESN