Does Rob Gronkowski’s Latest Tweet Prove Patriots Star Is Trolling Us?


Will Rob Gronkowski play in the NFL next season, or will he retire? At this point, your guess is as good as ours.

One thing we can say with near certainty, however, is that Gronk’s recent deluge of cryptic tweets indicates the New England Patriots tight end is toying with us.

It all started with this gem:

Whatever that means.

Then we got these two tweets, which fueled speculation that Gronkowski is considering ditching football and joining the WWE:

Still with us? Good.

Things started getting particularly bizarre Wednesday, when NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported that Gronkowski is expected to return for the 2018 season. The news was music to Patriots fans’ ears, but their excitement quickly turned to confusion when Gronk — likely reacting to Rapoport’s report — tweeted this:

A reply from WWE wrestler Mojo Rawley, one of Gronkowski’s good friends, certainly didn’t help matters.

Rawley’s tweet seemingly gave some credence to belief that Gronkowski is trolling everyone. As did Rapoport’s follow-up report, in which he said the 28-year-old tight end has “enjoyed” watching people speculate about his future.

But Gronk finally might’ve exposed himself his latest tweet, which came late Thursday night.


Now, there has been no official word on whether Gronkowski will retire or not, so anything is possible at this point. But we find it extremely hard to believe that the Patriots superstar would string his team and fans along this far if he truly was planning to retire.

If Gronkowski really wanted to walk away from football and start acting/professional wrestling, he probably would’ve announced it by now, rather than tease it with a series of vague tweets. Furthermore, it’s tough to imagine Gronk playing social-media chicken with Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick.

(Are we really to believe the Patriots’ power trio have no idea what Gronkowski plans to do?)

Although, given recent report’s of Gronkowski’s angst-ridden 2017 season, perhaps this is just his way of finally having some long-overdue fun at their expense — and ours.

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