This Goose’s Bold Attack Of High School Golfer Escalated So Quickly


We interrupt your Monday to bring you a very important story: A high school golfer was viciously attacked by a goose this weekend.

The victim was a young golfer at Blissfield (Mich.) High School, who was just trying to walk down the fairway when a goose jumped him out of nowhere. As in, actually jumped him, according to these incredible photos shared by the Blissfield Athletics Twitter account Sunday.

That’s some serious fowl play.

We can joke because the kid was OK — “Just his pride was hurt,” per the school’s Twitter — but what exactly riled up this goose so much? Apparently the golfer’s group got a little too close to a goose nest.

Golf is hard enough as it is without having to fend off angry guard geese. OK, carry on with your Monday.

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