Tom Brady’s competitiveness is no secret. It also isn’t new.

Just ask Brady’s father, Tom Sr., who told a hilarious story Tuesday on ESPN’s “Get Up!” highlighting just how fiery the New England Patriots quarterback was, even in his younger days.

According to Tom Sr., Brady once threw a TV remote through the wall as a kid because he was so mad. That incident pales in comparison to Tom Sr.’s tale about the two golfing together on their way to Candlestick Park, though. Spoiler: Clubs were thrown.

“We would always bet, and I bet him a dollar against a car wash,” Tom Sr. recalled. “By the time we had gotten to the seventh hole — of course we would always double or nothing — so by the time we got to the seventh hole, he owed me about 40 car washes. He ended up throwing the club into the tree, and I sent him to the car and told him I’d never play golf with him again in his life.

“So he went to the car and I finished the nine holes of golf, and we went off to Candlestick Park and he begged me that he’d never do it again. And we drove home and stopped at the golf course and played another nine holes of golf. But that didn’t stop him from throwing golf clubs.”

Shocked? Yeah, me neither.

Hopefully Brady and his dad play plenty of golf together once the Patriots QB retires. For now, Brady must focus on the Los Angeles Rams, whom the Patriots face this Sunday in Super Bowl LIII.

Thumbnail photo via Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports Images