If anyone was going to find a way to rip Julian Edelman after Super Bowl LIII, it was Nick Wright.

Edelman turned in a legendary performance Sunday night, earning MVP honors in the New England Patriots’ victory over the Los Angeles Rams. But the Patriots wideout is receiving some blowback Monday, as many feel his early season suspension for performance-enhancing drugs tarnishes what he accomplished in Atlanta.

And Wright is leading that charge.

Check out this tweet from the FS1 talking head:

Talk about sour grapes.

To Wright’s credit, he did give props to the Patriots in a later tweet.

That’s nice.

Listen, does Edelman deserve flack for taking PEDs? Of course. And while he might deserve a pass for trying to come back from a torn ACL, he still broke the rules.

But to deny giving Edelman credit for his Super Bowl performance is just plain lazy.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images