Mike Francesa Uses Eli Manning Benching To Uncork Insane Tom Brady/Bill Belichick Take


Eli Manning led a pretty average NFL career, but he does have the feather in his cap of winning a pair of Super Bowls, beating the New England Patriots in both.

But it appears Manning’s run as an NFL starter has come to a close, with the New York Giants announcing rookie quarterback Daniel Jones would become the starter beginning in Week 3. That led to quite a few takes about how Manning’s career will be remembered, but as often is the case, nobody’s stance was able to outdo that of Mike Francesa.

The longtime WFAN host used Manning’s benching as an opportunity to remind everyone that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick aren’t the best quarterback-coach duo of all time.


“(Manning) gave you a great run and two Super Bowl championships against the New England Patriots, which changed the face of the NFL, those two games,” Francesa said. “Because the Pats, Belichick and Brady would be the greatest coach and greatest quarterback of all time if they had not been stopped by (Tom) Coughlin and Eli. But they were, twice. Not once, twice, in a period of four years.”

(You can watch the full clip here)

Indeed, the two Super Bowl losses to New York are a black eye on the Patriots dynasty, but not one so significant to make this take seem reasonable. This also is the second time recently that Francesa has expressed his belief that Brady isn’t the greatest quarterback of all time, so at least he is steadfast in that.

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