Kyrie Irving is back in the news with his latest conspiracy theory.

Irving, who’s effectively become the poster child for the flat-Earth theory, tried to connect some dots before the Brooklyn Nets’ loss to the Philadelphia 76ers last Wednesday.

“It’s not a coincidence that the last time the Nets won a title, they were led by Julius Erving,” Irving said, per The Athletic’s Michael Lee. “And now, we have another Irving. I’m just saying.”

There’s a good chance Irving was just trying to be funny here, but it likely won’t stop the basketball world from giving him grief.

The Irving-Erving theory certainly wasn’t the star point guard’s most noteworthy soundbite from that game, though. Irving after the contest noted it’s “pretty glaring” the Nets need at least another piece or two, even with Kevin Durant taken into account. Irving was dragged for the remark and he unsurprisingly didn’t take it in stride.

Just another day in the life of Kyrie.

Thumbnail photo via Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports Images