Lost in the shuffle of Tom Brady’s two-hour-long interview with Howard Stern, NFL Media draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah delivered a fiery hot take on the “Dan Patrick Show.”

Jeremiah believes Brady would have won 10 Super Bowls if he played on the Baltimore Ravens rather than the New England Patriots.

Jeremiah was asked by Patrick what he’d want to ask Brady.

“I would say … ‘If we put you on one of these teams’ — let’s just say because I worked there,” Jeremiah said. “‘Tom, if you were the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens with their personnel, how many Super Bowls would you have won there?’ I’ll bet you if he would tell the truth, he would say 10.

“I mean, look at the personnel, Dan. Compare the personnel of those two teams outside of the quarterback position through the 2000s decade. I think he would have won 10 Super Bowls.

“People might forget about this, but you’ve got arguably the greatest middle linebacker of all time, arguably the greatest free safety of all time. You’ve got Terrell Suggs, who’s probably a Hall of Famer. You’ve got Haloti Ngata who’s a perennial Pro Bowler. You’ve got Chris McCallister. You’ve got one of the top three left tackle in NFL history in Jonathan Ogden. You’ve got a Hall of Fame tight end (Shannon Sharpe), plus his backup Todd Heap was a perennial Pro Bowler, a 2000-yard rusher. I think he would have won 10 Super Bowls. I don’t think that’s crazy.

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“He won six with the guys he had in New England.”

The Ravens probably had more top-end talent than the Patriots with some of the names Jeremiah mentioned like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Ogden. But the Patriots have undoubtedly had better depth across their entire roster over the last 20 years with Logan Mankins, Matt Light, Vince Wilfork, Tedy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Wes Welker, Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Rob Gronkowski, Devin McCourty, Dont’a Hightower, Julian Edelman, Mike Vrabel, Jerod Mayo, Randy Moss, Stephon Gilmore, Rodney Harrison, Corey Dillon, Adam Vinatieri and many, many more talented players as Brady’s teammates. And that, beyond Brady, has been the strength of their roster.

The Patriots, of course, also have head coach Bill Belichick. And Brady acknowledged Wednesday morning in his interview with Stern that he would not have been as successful without Belichick and vice versa.

So, if you’re giving Brady all of those Ravens greats but also Brian Billick and John Harbaugh, then he’s probably not even winning six Super Bowls. The Ravens have won two Super Bowls but also had four losing seasons and missed the playoffs eight times since 2000 despite all of that talent.

No player other than Brady has even won six Super Bowls. By saying he could have won 10 with another team almost diminishes his and the Patriots’ accomplishments since 2001.

Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason. Now we’ll find out if Brady can win some more titles with another team.

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