Rob Parker Rants About Why Bill Belichick, Tom Brady Shouldn’t Be In Hall Of Fame


Rob Parker proved once again how much real estate the New England Patriots have inside his brain.

The FOX Sports talking head went on a long-winded rant Tuesday about the Patriots’ most recent scandal, as the organization was punished for taping the Cincinnati Bengals sideline from the press box in 2019.

The Patriots reportedly were docked a third-round draft pick and $1.1 million by the NFL on Sunday, around the same time it was reported the team signed Cam Newton to a one-year, “incentive-laden” deal.

Well, the guilty verdict sent Parker into a tizzy while on FOX Sports Radio.

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“My take here is, real simple, do not embrace the New England Patriots. You can’t do it any more. I know people tried to talk their way into it, ‘Oh, it’s no big deal,’ and the Spygate and ‘We never saw the tapes’ and ‘Everybody did it.’ That is what you were trying to force people to believe because you don’t want Tom Brady tainted, you don’t want Bill Belichick tainted. … We want the Patriots to be held up on a pedestal and talked about the greatness and what they were able to accomplish, but this right here, this second offense, and I’m talking about just second when it comes to video taping another team’s signals on the sideline, is proof positive that Tom Brady cannot and ever be considered the GOAT, Bill Belichick cannot and can never be considered the greatest coach of all time. It just can’t happen,” Parker said on the radio station.

“Those guys are cheaters! That’s what they are! And it ain’t no suspicion or rumors, they’ve been convicted. And if you want to throw in the Deflategate that would be another opportunity to say they’ve been playing with the rules, and Tom Brady served a four-game suspension. How many checked paths and muddied waters must we go through in order to take a look at the Patriots and understand who they are? They’re not the greatest franchise in NFL history. Yes, they’ve done their share of winning, but they’ve done even more cheating,” Parker continued.

“… They are not worthy of praise. They have smudged the game of football. They have tarnished what could’ve been a great legacy. And if I had a Hall of Fame vote, which I do not have for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick would not get my vote. They’ve done more damage than they’ve accomplished in this NFL.”

We get it, Rob. Take a breath.

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