Patriots Mailbag: Could Pats Also Be ‘Sellers’ At NFL Trade Deadline?

The Patriots are obvious "buyers" at the NFL trade deadline


New England Patriots fans are truly lucky to be able to root for Devin and Jason McCourty.

Jason McCourty was asked Thursday during his media availability if he was considering retirement, and he gave a really insightful answer on his objective as a veteran leader.

“Oh no, I’m playing football and I’m enjoying it,” McCourty said. “That’s the one thing the guys in this locker know about me. No matter what, I’m going to try to be fun, make guys laugh and enjoy all of these moments. I’m not thinking about when I’m going to stop playing. For me right now it’s just on a day in and day out, ‘How can I come here (and) improve individually as a player, and then make the guys around me better’ and just kind of make this a fun environment where we all want to come to work, we want to improve, we enjoy being around each other.

“To me, those are some of the keys. A football season can get long. Our bye week, obviously, this year was early. So we’re going straight through so you want to just be able to be — especially an older guy who’s gone through it a lot of times, and just be sure you’re that sounding board for the younger guys. And if anybody’s having tough times, be there and make guys laugh, smile and enjoy that we’re getting an opportunity to play football for a living.”

When you hear about a “glue guy” in sports, that’s Jason McCourty.

Watch above and read below for this week’s mailbag.

Yeah. Why do people think they should be sellers and not buyers at deadline?

They brought in Newton to just lose? ? mine as well go with Stid. So I?m not buying it unless they sell to bring in WR and or TE. So who do you have on pats radar? That?s 2 ??s plz answer ?
Remember that the Patriots traded All-Pro left guard Logan Mankins before the 2014 season, and they went on to win a Super Bowl?

Also remember that the Patriots traded Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins during the 2016 season, and they went on to win a Super Bowl?

So, even if the Patriots are sellers at the trade deadline, that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t go on to have success.

I’ve seen some questions about whether or not the Patriots would trade cornerback Stephon Glimore or left guard Joe Thuney. Maybe. No one expected them to trade Mankins or Collins either. If the price is right, they’d probably trade almost anyone. Trading Thuney or Gilmore could shed cap space and might garner a high draft pick. And the Patriots have some decent depth at guard and cornerback this season.

Both players also are obvious trade candidates from a price standpoint. Thuney is playing on the franchise tag and will be a free agent again next offseason. The Patriots will need to do something about Gilmore’s contract next offseason after borrowing from his 2021 salary to give him a pay raise this year.

And I answered this in my video mailbag, but I don’t really see the point in trading for a wide receiver unless he’s a true No. 1 guy. I like a player like John Ross, but is he going to be an upgrade over N’Keal Harry, Damiere Byrd or Julian Edelman this season?

Probably not.

Do you think that we will see a shakeup with the WRs now that the team can actually practice? #MailDoug

I think this is actually a really good point and not one that I fully considered. Obviously, I know the Patriots barely practiced before their game against the Denver Broncos. But it does make sense that they didn’t really make any major shakeups at wide receiver or tight end after the lack of practice time.

Maybe we could see some changes at the wide receiver and tight end depth charts now after a full week of practice. I’d personally be curious to see tight end Devin Asiasi and wide receivers Jakobi Meyers, Gunner Olszewski and Isaiah Zuber receive more opportunities.

What if BB is #onto2021 with all the assets and cap carryover? Do you see this as a possibility? Maybe a topic for #MailDoug?

I believe Bill Belichick is always “onto” 2021 and 2022 and 2023 and the current year. Not to rely on cliches, but Belichick is always doing what he believes is best for his football team overall. And that includes this year and the future.

So, Belichick isn’t going to mortgage the future to win now. But he’s also not going to give up on the 2020 season to win in the future.

I would say that Belichick typically favors the present moment over the future, however. That’s why he was willing to trade a second-round pick to the Atlanta Falcons for Mohamed Sanu. And we all know how that trade played out (poorly).

If Newton?s struggles continues, such as missing open guys and continuing to struggle with his throwing mechanics: does Belichick make the switch to Stidham?

I think it’s too early to fully dissect the possibility of Cam Newton getting benched, especially for Jarrett Stidham, who only looked mediocre in limited snaps against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Newton has struggled in two straight games, and it is worth asking how many consecutive games like Week 3 and 6 it would take for the Patriots to reevaluate the position. It probably wouldn’t happen until Week 8 or 9, and Newton would probably have to start playing worse.

Newton should improve, however.

Do you agree with the Patriots? All-Dynasty team that was just announced? Any glaring players left out?

I would have included Trey Flowers over Ty Warren and one of Jerod Mayo, Jamie Collins or Kyle Van Noy over Roman Phifer.

Also, why were there two kick returners and two long snappers? And why were there 15 players on offense, 18 on defense, nine special teams players and eight honorable mentions. That’s a 42- or 50-man roster.

I just didn’t think it was overly interesting with the way it was constructed. Either make it 11 starters on each side of the ball or a full 53-man roster.

I mean, two long snappers?! What in the world?

Let’s go rapid fire.

What sport were you best at?

Baseball. But I was fine, at best.

I think my athletic peak was in elementary school recess as a cornerback. I had so many red-zone interceptions.

Do you think we?ll trade for JJ Watt? #MailDoug

No, because I don’t think the Houston Texans would trade him That would be a tremendous way to further anger the Houston fanbase.

Do you think we will see any more playing time from Jakobi Meyers #MailDoug

I’d give Jakobi Meyers some snaps to see if he’s an improvement.

Why is it that it?s such a big deal that Byrd is the number one receiver?

Because he was a fringe No. 3/4 wide receiver in his previous stops. He’s a decent player but also clearly not good enough to be a No. 1.

Do you think the Patriots might go for Quinton Spain with all of their o-line injuries, especially interior?

Not with David Andrews coming back, no.

Did you watch Bane documentary ?

I did. As someone who likes hardcore, I thought it was fine. I feel like it would probably be incredibly boring for anyone who doesn’t like Bane, however.

Will this be the week NE goes to two TE sets with Asiasi and Keene?

Probably not, no.

Will the @Patriots lock @CameronNewton up to a long term contract?

Not after his last two games unless the Patriots want to keep him on a discount. They should wait to figure out an extension.

What are your top 5 Halloween/Horror movies?

“Halloween (1978)”
“Friday the 13th Part 2”
“It Follows”
“The Shining”
“Hocus Pocus”

I’d also say that “Fun Size” is an underrated Halloween movie. It’s definitely better than “Hubie Halloween.”

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