Heres’ When Alex Cora Hopes Hirokazu Sawamura Will Report To Florida

Sawamura still is in Japan


Hirokazu Sawamura has yet to report to spring training while his visa stuff was getting sorted out, but it appears he is getting closer to reporting to Florida.

The pitcher, who signed with the Boston Red Sox on Feb. 16, has been throwing in Japan in order to keep himself in shape and ready for his arrival in the United States.

Manager Alex Cora spoke to the media Friday and was asked just when Sawamura would report to the team.

“I’m not going to give you an exact date,” Cora told reporters. “Less than a week. He should be fine.”

So it appears it won’t be too much longer before Red Sox fans can see the new addition in action.

Of course, this is Sawamura’s first Major League Baseball season, so getting him here as soon as possible in order to face hitters and get himself used to MLB action is crucial.

Thumbnail photo via YouTube/PacificLeagueTV

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