You’ll Never Imagine What Freddie Freeman’s Agent Did To Reportedly Get Fired

Freeman never wanted to leave the Atlanta Braves


Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman took an emotional trip down to Atlanta to square off against his former Braves, which reportedly ended with the firing of his agent.

If the latest report is indeed accurate, that firing would be well warranted.

“Casey Close (his agent) never told Freeman about the Braves’ final offer, this is why Freeman fired him,” Fox Sports Radio’s Doug Gottlieb tweeted Wednesday. “He found out in Atlanta this weekend. It isn’t that rare to have happened in the MLB, but it happened. Close knew Freddie would have taken the ATL deal.”

Agents receive a cut of the contracts their player signs, so Close would have motive to not disclose the Braves deal assuming it was not as large as the six-year, $162 million deal the Dodgers served up.

Freeman was especially emotional on his trip back, and it might not have been a trip down memory lane that led to tears. He was likely affected by the fact that he never would have left had he known what was on the table.

Instead, Freeman took his talents to the bright lights of Los Angeles and the Braves brought in Matt Olsen to re-stock the defending World Series Champions.

While the world is convinced that Freeman fired Close, the man himself said the situation was “fluid” on Tuesday but admitted he was working through issues with his long-time representation at Excel.

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