Bill Belichick didn’t just tag along for Netflix’s “The Greatest Roast Of All Time: Tom Brady,” in fact, the 72-year-old ex-New England Patriots head coach was one of the most notable participants of Sunday night’s festivities.

Refusing to be overshadowed by roast veterans Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross, Andrew Schulz, and Tony Hinchcliffe, Belichick stunned the entire crowd. First by making an appearance in the first place and then by ripping a handful of former Patriots in attendance.

“Tom and I had our differences, but it only comes to love and respect in our relationship. And we did some special things together,” Belichick said, as seen on Netflix’s live broadcast. “For all of you out there that think about who’s responsible for the Patriots’ success during the time that Tom and I were there. Was it Brady? Was it me? Was it Brady? Was it me? In reality, truth of the matter is it was both of us — because of me.”

Now… here’s every ex-New Englander who caught some friendly shade from Belichick during Brady’s live roast:

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Rob Gronkowski (2010-2018)
“Rob’s landed some endorsement deals from some of his favorite foods. Campbell Soup, Dunkin’ Donuts, and don’t forget Tide Pods. True story: I used Gronk’s Tide Pod commercial to teach our team that this is when you say no. Just because somebody asks you to do something stupid you don’t have to do it. Say no.”

Danny Amendola (2013-2017)
“Danny joined us in 2014 and got us 200 yards that year. And in 2016, he picked up another 250. Or to put it another way, what Randy (Moss) would call a decent first half.”

Matt Light (2001-2011)
“Matt, I love where you are; far away from the microphone. In all my years with the Patriots, there’s no player I had to say more often to, ‘Shut the (expletive) up,’ than Matt Light.”

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Randy Moss (2007-2010)
“I rescued a dog from the shelter, and I rescued Randy from the Raiders. Listen, Randy, I’m really sorry you didn’t get a ring. Not sorry to give you one of mine, but still very sorry.”

Tom Brady (2000-2019)
“I see your soccer team Birmingham City got knocked down to another tier in the English Football League. So for those not familiar with with English football, the intricacies to their obscure regulation system, just let me say, I’ll put it in English for you, they (expletive). Not so easy running a team is it, Tom? So a little coaching advice, stick to American football.”

All in good fun. Belichick even shared a drink face-to-face with Patriots owner Robert Kraft — which Hart took full credit for.

Featured image via Bob Breidenbach / USA TODAY NETWORK Images