Less than a week after being bounced from the playoffs, there are already rumors surfacing that the Chicago Bulls, who finished with the NBA’s best regular season record, may be looking to make a dramatic change to their roster.

ESPN’s Michael Wilbon stated that the Chicago Bulls have already begun inquiring on the availability of Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard.

“At first those rumors sounded crazy,” Wilbon said on his daily show, PTI, “but you start hearing more and more of it from credible people.”

The Magic will presumably be looking for an impact big-man in return, and Chicago has pieces like Joakim Noah, Omer Asik, and Carlos Boozer.  Chicago’s big men were ineffective in their series against the Miami Heat. Boozer and Noah, the starting four and five respectively, combined for 20.4 points and 20 rebounds per game. By comparison, Howard averaged 27 points and 15.5 rebounds per game in his first-round series against the Atlanta Hawks.

Another team rumored to be in on the Dwight action, the Los Angeles Lakers, have reportedly lost some steam in their pursuit of the all-star big man.

It’s been assumed Los Angeles would be the perfect fit for Dwight Howard. He’d be able to embrace the Hollywood lifestyle, team-up with a future Hall of Famer in Kobe Bryant, and be prepared to take over the franchise once Kobe’s time is done.

Yet, according to Ric Bucher of ESPN, the Lakers have dropped behind Orlando, Dallas, and New Jersey in Dwight’s list of potential destinations. While the Lakers’ unwillingness to part with center Andrew Bynum may halt trade talks, Bucher claims there are “reasons beyond” the actual logistics of the trade.

The Dallas Mavericks could certainly be an attractive destination considering their Western Conference championship this season. The New Jersey Nets acquired all-star Deron Williams at the trade deadline and are preparing for a move to Brooklyn. The Magic would obviously love to keep their franchise center, but Howard has made it clear that he wants more talent around him.

Where do you think Dwight will play next season? Will he still be on the Magic or will he be sporting a new uniform? Voice your opinion below.


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