The New England Patriots will begin their quest for a fifth Super Bowl title Saturday night when they host the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium in an AFC divisional-round showdown.

That alone should be enough to excite Pats fans, although New England is favored by a lot of points, suggesting a blowout could be in the cards.

If you’re not fired up, well, fortunately we have this thing called the internet. And over the last few days, the world wide web has been flooded with various playoff hype videos, many of which are geared toward pumping up Patriots fans before their team’s postseason opener against the Texans.

The following video, for example, is phenomenal. Not only is it well-edited, but it also hits all the feels, beginning with its fiery quote from the “War for the Planet of the Apes” trailer.

Tom Brady’s Bruce Lee-inspired video probably is the best hype video yet, largely because of the source. But let’s not take anything away from the passionate Patriots supporters who’ve put their video editing skills to use for the sake of everyone else’s enjoyment.

This really is the beauty of owning a first-round bye every year.