The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, but that hasn’t stopped Howard Eskin from throwing shade at Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on Radio Row.

Eskin, a well-known sideline reporter and radio personality in Philadelphia, resorted to his usual Patriots-hating tactics Tuesday during an appearance on WEEI as the trio of Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria pressed him on his disdain — or whatever you want to call it — for New England.

“They do cheat,” Eskin said of the Patriots. “We know that they’ve cheated.”

Because details apparently don’t matter when it comes to pointing out the Patriots’ track record of bending the rules, Eskin was a little foggy on what exactly went down with Spygate and Deflategate. He sure was adamant about the Patriots being up to no good, though, even describing a situation before last year’s Super Bowl when the Eagles exercised extreme caution out of fear that Bill Belichick and Co. would sniff out their game plan.

“I’ve give you an instance, where I’m not the only one who thinks that they still cheat,” Eskin recalled. “Last year the Eagles ran that Philly Special play. They did not practice that that week. They practiced it for the Minnesota (NFC championship) game, but not for the week of the Super Bowl. And you know why? They were afraid that Belichick was taping or some way word would get to Belichick, so they had a walkthrough in the conference room of the hotel so Belichick and any of the Patriots (wouldn’t find out).”

As for Brady, Eskin was willing to give credit where it’s due — kinda. While he’s impressed with Brady, who’s gunning for his sixth Super Bowl ring this Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, Eskin remains skeptical of both the quarterback’s legacy and the legitimacy of No. 12’s continued success.

“I do appreciate him,” said Eskin, who believes Joe Montana, not Brady, is the greatest quarterback in NFL history. “But he is a cheater. He deflated the football.

“I want the vitamins he’s taking that he’s throwing the ball with more velocity now at 41 than he did at 35,” Eskin added. “I’m just saying, I want those vitamins. I tried the (TB12) diet; it doesn’t do anything for me.”

Haters gonna hate.

Thumbnail photo via Mark Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports