Rob Parker is a special brand of nincompoop.

The FOX Sports 1 talking head has become the poster boy for anti-New England Patriots vitriol, regularly spewing nonsense in an attempt to discredit the organization’s incredible accomplishments. It’s become increasingly difficult to ignore Parker’s monumental stupidity, especially when the Patriots themselves go after him ahead of Super Bowl LIII.

One of Parker’s favorite arguments is that the Patriots are a product of playing in the AFC East, or, as he likes to call it, the “AFC Least.” There’s no denying New England benefits from playing in a wretched division, but the notion that Tom Brady and Co. would be nothing without the AFC East was resoundingly disproven Friday by ESPN’s Field Yates.

Check out these stats:

Yeah, hard to argue with those numbers.

But Parker tried, of course.

We’re not sure numbers can be “phony.” They’re just, you know, numbers.

But hey, whatever helps Parker sleep in his bed of delusion at night.

Thumbnail photo via Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports Images