Watch Tom Brady, Julian Edelman Have Lightsaber Duel At Disney World


Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are one with The Force — and not just in football.

Following Sunday’s victory in Super Bowl LIII, the New England Patriots quarterback and receiver took a trip to Disney World on Monday. And if you saw the duo during the postgame celebration, you know they were excited to visit the most magical place on Earth.

During their stay, Edelman and Brady went to Star War’s: Galaxy’s Edge, a still-under-construction park within Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And it was there that the two Super Bowl heroes engaged in a friendly lightsaber duel.

(You can click here to watch highlights from Edelman and Brady’s trip to Disney World.)

Here’s a photo of the two in full Jedi garb:

Considering how decidedly average Kylo Ren is, we like Edelman and Brady’s chances against the current face of the dark side.

Once Edelman and Brady’s training is complete, they’ll head back to New England to prepare for Tuesday’s championship parade.

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