Max Kellerman (Unsurprisingly) Wants Patriots’ Bill Belichick Suspended


It’s really not a surprise that Max Kellerman came into Monday’s episode of “First Take” with some hate for the Patriots.

New England, as you’re probably aware by now, is caught up in a videotaping controversy in which the team allegedly sent a production crew to Cleveland during the Browns’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals to film an advanced scout for an episode of “Do Your Job.”

The man behind the camera, Dave Mondillo, was suspended and the Patriots released a statement, saying it was an unintentional mistake. Mondillo released his own statement Sunday after the Pats’ Week 15 win over Cincy.

But Kellerman couldn’t wait to fire off his take, which was Bill Belichick should be suspended by the NFL.

“Pending the investigation, which, unless it’s completely incompetent, will reveal obviously that the Patriots are cheating and then lying about it, you need to suspend Bill Belichick,” the ESPN talking head said “Not just forfeit draft picks. Belichick has already shown he can still beat you with forfeiting draft picks. He can win the Super Bowl forfeiting draft picks. You have to suspend Bill Belichick, who’s the GM and the coach. And the idea that things are happening in that organization like this and he’s not aware is laughable. It’s laughable.”


But in reality, there really isn’t any proof that Belichick knew anything that was going on. And it would be rather hard to prove that, as pointed out by Kellerman’s co-host Stephen A. Smith.

“Do you have any proof against Bill Belichick?” he asked. “This is the bottom line, y’all … Max, I don’t disagree with you. I think they’re lying. I think they got straight cold busted. I think all of that stuff is true. … But when you say suspend Bill Belichick, where’s the evidence?”

Kellerman replied: “I think at this point you can look at the Patriots and say there’s an ongoing system of systemic rules-breaking.”

He didn’t exactly answer Smith’s question.

Regardless, some believe New England is in for “significant penalties,” but only time will tell what those turn out to be.

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