Devin McCourty Explains Why He Re-Signed With Patriots, When He’ll Leave

For Devin McCourty, the decision to re-sign with the New England Patriots was a no-brainer.

Though he would have had options elsewhere after a Pro Bowl-caliber 2019 season, the veteran safety declined to even test the market, re-upping with the Patriots for another two seasons before the start of free agency.

Why? Because New England could offer something no other team could: the chance to continue playing alongside his twin brother, Jason.

The Patriots officially picked up Jason McCourty’s team option on March 12, keeping the cornerback in Foxboro, Mass., for a third consecutive season. Three days later, his brother re-signed.

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Devin McCourty explained his decision Sunday during an episode of his and Jason’s “Double Coverage” podcast.

“I think just the opportunity to play here and how awesome it’s been,” he said. “I just was talking about this the other day, but you kind of learn early in your football career that you can’t think that you’ll just stay on one team. It never really usually happens. But I think in this situation, it was just so unique because the Patriots, for one, turned into a family over 10 years, and then my family actually became a part of the team and playing here with you (Jason). The first time you were a free agent last year, Mommy said, ‘Well, I just hope you guys stick together and play again together.’ And then this year, she tells me the same thing. So, that was a huge part of it.

“I’m not really big into legacy and all of that other stuff, but I think the opportunity to play football with my twin brother, the opportunity for my kids being able to play with their cousins and be together all year — or half the year during the season — is just so much fun. The last two years have been the best two years of my career, so that was my priority — to see if I can continue that. And I was just happy we were able to work out a deal.

“And then, I would say, lastly, just the community. The whole New England area’s been home for me. I’ve been in so many different cities throughout New England, all the way up to Vermont down to different parts of Connecticut. I’ve loved every minute of that and I wanted to keep that going, just because I feel like that is my role in New England — to have a huge impact. And I really don’t want to leave until I feel like there’s a guy who’s at least two or three years under 30 that can take charge of that and really hold onto that for the next 10 years. So, that’s my ultimate goal.”

Devin and Jason McCourty also discussed the arrival of new Patriots safety Adrian Phillips and the departure of Tom Brady and shared their thoughts on Brady’s likely successor, Jarrett Stidham.

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