When exiting TD Garden from the East entrance of North Station after a Bruins or Celtics game, fans can hear the sweet sounds of musical magic booming from the golden saxophone of Joe Sparkes.

Also known as Joe Sax Boston, Sparkes has played outside of the Garden after most Bruins or Celtics games and also concerts since 2017. He has slowly become part of the experience of attending a Garden event because of his vivacious and effervescent performances following events.

“Those fans come out and they’re so passionate,” Sparkes told NESN. “No matter if they win or they lose, it’s always an exciting, fun time. They respond to music and I respond to their energy.”

Sparkes has also developed a relationship with some of the Bruins players because of his consistent presence outside of the Garden.

“I’m on waving terms with all of them at this point. A few times they’ll stop and say something or throw me a tip or something like that.”

He also recently went viral on Barstool Sports’ Instagram page following a Celine Dion concert when he started a sing-a-long while playing “My Heart Will Go On.” Since then, Sparkes has become a fan favorite for TD Garden goers and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Watch the video to learn more about Sparkes and his street-performing life outside of TD Garden.