There wasn’t a college football coach nor program who received more publicity — positive or negative — than Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes during the first few weeks of the season.

Now, the bloom is off the rose.

The Buffaloes were embarrassed Saturday afternoon when they dropped their first game of the season to the Oregon Ducks. It was a straight-up butt whooping as Colorado suffered a 42-6 defeat after it trailed by five touchdowns at halftime.

That much would be embarrassing on its own, but is bag-over-head levels of embarrassing when you consider what was being said prior to the game.

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The Oregon football program released a video on X, formerly known as Twitter, that included sights and sounds from the matchup. Notably included were shots of Colorado’s Shiloh Sanders, son of head coach Deion Sanders and star safety for the Buffaloes, throwing verbal jabs at the Ducks.

“I’ll beat the (expletive) out of every one of y’all and your coach,” Shiloh Sanders said. “We ‘finna run through y’all’s (expletive).”

He added: “Why y’all so little?”

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The video paints the Buffaloes in a poor light, especially because they’d go on to eventually get thumped.

The result was a mildly-surprising one given Colorado routinely played above expectation throughout the early portion of the season and turned plenty of people into believers. Now, the Buffaloes return to square one and attempt to rebuild some of the belief that had followed them throughout the early portion of the season.

Can they do that? It remains to be seen. The only thing for certain is that Shiloh is going to drop in Deion’s kid rankings.

Featured image via Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports Images