Experts have highlighted the deepest positions in the 2024 NFL Draft. And fortunately for the New England Patriots, their most glaring needs align almost perfectly.

It makes Patriots first-year head coach Jerod Mayo “confident” that New England can fill its biggest holes at quarterback, franchise left tackle and game-changing receiver.

“Those three positions that you just spoke of, I would say this draft has quite a few guys that can fill those roles,” Mayo told reporters Monday morning during the annual NFL league meetings in Orlando, Fla., per the Patriots.

The Patriots have the means to address those holes in late April. New England not only has the No. 3 overall selection but will be back on the clock at the start of the second (No. 34) and third round (No. 68).

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Mayo also addressed the possibility of the Patriots acquiring more draft picks by potentially trading the third overall selection, something the organization is open to doing.

“We sit at a very enviable spot at No. 3 where we can take someone at three or if someone offers a bag, as we would say, a lot of first-round picks, we definitely have to talk about those things as we continue to put together this team,” Mayo said. “There are holes on this team, but also I would say, there will be people available going forward to fill those holes.”

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Patriots de facto general manager Eliot Wolf and Mayo seem to be on the same page about rebuilding the program from the ground up. Mayo stressed the importance of drafting and developing talent, pointing to that as a reason why the Patriots weren’t all that active on the external free-agent market. Instead, the Patriots prioritized their own players in hopes of building the culture.

“I’m confident we can absolutely fill those roles. In saying that, though, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take time,” Mayo said. “Look, our philosophy as far as putting this roster together, you want to draft and develop. When it’s all said and done, you want to draft and develop.

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“I have 100% confidence in Eliot and his staff weaponizing the offense and really getting us better as an overall team. I know everyone wants to talk about the offense, but one thing you guys have heard from BB (Bill Belichick), and that I’ve learned from Bill is that all three phases are very important and playing that complementary football is definitely something that Eliot understands, that I understand, and the rest of the staff.”

Mayo stressed how the Patriots are keeping all their options open. They’re proceeding that way in regards to the third overall selection, as well as filling their holes. Mayo specifically said the receiver-needy Patriots are open to acquiring a wideout in a trade.

But should New England rather draft someone at the receiver position, Mayo and the Patriots feel like that’s an option. They feel that way about all of their biggest needs.

Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images