NFL Odds: No Clear Betting Favorite For Offensive Player Of The Year

Justin Jefferson has a slight edge in OPOY according to the public


It’s typical for people to have trouble agreeing on something, but that hasn’t been the case when it comes to predicting end-of-season awards in the NFL. Until now.

The betting public has been split when it comes to identifying the potential 2023 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, with five players all within percentage points of each other in regards to total bets and handle percentage. Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson leads the way with a 9.2% ticket percentage and a 13.2% handle percentage. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (7.7%, 6%), Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (6.9%, 6%), Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson (4.3%, 5.9%) and Los Angeles Charger quarterback Justin Herbert (3.9%, 4%) trail Jefferson, but are within 10% of the total splits.

Here are the odds for 2023 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, courtesy BetMGM:

Jonathan Taylor: +900
Derrick Henry: +1100
Cooper Kupp: +1200
Deebo Samuel: +1400
Davante Adams: +2000
Nick Chubb: +2000
Lamar Jackson: +2000
Justin Jefferson: +2000
Patrick Mahomes: +2200
Christian McCaffrey: +2500

You may have noticed, there’s a severe lack of quarterbacks on that list. That’s because the OPOY has practically become the “Best Offensive Player That Isn’t A Quarterback” award. Four of the last five OPOY award winners have been wide receivers or running backs.

That is why the smart money won’t be on the quarterbacks, it will be on the weapons. Cooper Kupp took home the award in 2022, making it unlikely he takes home a second straight — only Earl Campbell and Marshall Faulk ever won two in a row. Perhaps Deebo Samuel, who is playing with a brand new contract, takes another step and claims the title he had an argument for last season.

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