Dan Orlovsky Fires Back At Tedy Bruschi For Matthew Stafford Toughness Take

Bruschi claimed Stafford isn't tough


A former Detroit Lions quarterback has no time for a sizzling Matthew Stafford take fired off by Tedy Bruschi.

The former Patriots linebacker on Wednesday took aim at Stafford, who reportedly had no desire to be traded to New England.

Bruschi responded by questioning Stafford’s toughness, saying he wouldn’t be able to hack it in Foxboro, anyways. It was a bizarre argument by a typically fair analyst, but when Dan Orlovsky caught wind of it, he fired right back.

“I think Matthew Stafford is one of the most physically and mentally toughest people I’ve ever been around,” Orlovsky said Thursday on WEEI’s “Dale & Keefe,” as transcribed by WEEI.com. “I watched him play with broken fingers and torn ligaments and hurt knees and broken ribs and dislocated ribs and separated shoulders. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And you can’t be physically tough unless you’re mentally tough.

“As far as wanting to be coached, I’ve been around him and one of his gripes was not getting coached hard enough. One of the gripes was not really getting deep into the details and diving into it. He was around some coaches when we were together who did do that and he was like, ‘This is awesome.’ I think Tedy’s a phenomenal human being, phenomenal on television, obviously incredibly accomplished, and certainly entitled to his opinion, but the Matthew that I know is a tough SOB, is mentally tough.”

Even if Orlovsky knows Stafford personally and might not be the most impartial observer, we’ll take his opinion over Bruschi’s in this situation.

Thumbnail photo via Raj Mehta/USA TODAY Sports Images

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