As a rookie in 2009, Julian Edelman walked into a loaded Patriots wide receiver room that was led by Wes Welker and Randy Moss.

Edelman was on Jason Kelce’s and Travis Kelce’s podcast “New Heights” and recalled learning from the veterans in front of him. He revealed a nickname Moss gave to him during their time as teammates in New England.

“He used to call me ‘Edel-nut,'” Edelman told the Kelce brothers. “‘Hey Edel-nut, get my hot tub about 103 and get my Gatorade.’ You have metal tubs and hot tubs. He never wanted to go in the regular hot tub. He had to have — it was like menthol, rubbing alcohol in there. And he’d be like, ‘Edel-nut, go get my towel, my Gatorade and make that hot tub 103-102. Don’t (expletive) it up.'”

Edelman admitted his early days in New England were rough but also noted how much he learned being around some of the best players in the league. A key lesson he learned off the field was to not interrupt Moss during his personal time.

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“This one time Randy, it was like the day before Christmas and we had to work. We had a game on Christmas or something, and Randy was talking to his mom. I just walked by. I was like, ‘Hey Randy, tell mamma Moss I said Merry Christmas.’ He goes, ‘Edel-nut, when I’m talking to my (expletive) mom, you shut the (expletive) up.’ I walked away and didn’t make eye contact. I was so scared. I was a rookie. He’s like, ‘Don’t you (expletive) talk to me when I’m talking to my mom.’ But he’d always love me up, too.”

Featured image via Mark Konezny/USA TODAY Sports Images