Victor Wembanyama might actually be the most hyped-up, exciting prospect in NBA history and everybody has something to say about the No. 1 draft pick.

Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett can be added to the list, but the Hall of Famer has a unique perspective as a player that made the leap from high school directly to the NBA.

“He’s No. 1, absolutely he has a target on his back,” Garnett said in a video tweeted by The Washington Post’s Ben Golliver. “Everybody is gonna set their level to the number one player and you’re gonna see what their level is.”

Garnett added that coming from high school, he had a target on his back as well, but knew it was all part of the game.

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“You can look up to people, be a fan of people,” Garnett said. “But at the same time when you compete, you want to beat those people. … He’ll be alright.”

Garnett was drafted as the No. 5 pick in 1995 by the Timberwolves, playing 12 seasons for Minnesota before being traded to the Celtics in July 2007.

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Wembanyama already has been under a microscope since his subpar Summer League debut on July 7.

The 19-year-old played just two games in the Summer League with a combined 36 points, three assists, 20 rebounds and eight blocks. He played roughly 54 minutes between the two games while shooting 41% from the field.

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Featured image via Lucas Peltier/USA TODAY Sports Images