Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo was tossed by home plate umpire Pat Hoberg in the fourth inning of Boston’s 7-3 loss to the Houston Astros on Tuesday night at Minute Maid Park.

“I didn’t even get an explanation. I just got thrown out,” Verdugo told reporters, as seen on NESN’s postgame coverage. “It is what it is.”

The feisty 27-year-old was sitting at the far end of the dugout when Hoberg motioned to Verdugo that he had been tossed.

“(I was just yelling). I mean nothing crazy, you know, just chirping,” Verdugo said. “There was no warning or nothing. Just a little bit too quick of a trigger for me.”

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Verdugo was asked if he was complaining about balls and strikes and he adamantly denied that’s what he yelling at Hoberg.

“Just chirping,” Verdugo repeated. “I can yell and mess around to any umpire however I feel. Just because you’re yelling at somebody or chirping doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about balls and strikes.

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“It’s baseball. Have a little bit tougher skin and deal with it.”

Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo

“He was feeling self-conscious because the dugout was already letting him know about some balls and strikes,” Verdugo continued. “So he was already on edge feeling some type of way and saw me move. I was sitting on the bench. I wasn’t even in the front. … I said something while sitting down a little joking a little just to kind of make some noise, and he saw me and threw me a deep look.”

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Being ejected from the game came as a shock to Verdugo because he didn’t receive a warning. Hoberg just turned to the dugout and tossed him.

“I’m sitting on the bench. Like so many people don’t even know what happened,” Verdugo said. “You know what I mean? That’s why it was frustrating. It’s like you got to give a warning. You know, to me, he was being a soft target, too as well.”

When asked if his frustration was boiling over from the loss Monday night at the hands of the Astros as well as being down 3-0 in the game on Tuesday, Verdugo made his personal feelings regarding umpires known.

“I feel like personally umpires are protected too much,” Verdugo said. “Especially with that. It’s part of their job to be good, right? And I understand the human error aspect of it and you’re not gonna get every call. But don’t be so sensitive when we let you know our side of it. You know what I mean? It’s baseball. Have a little bit tougher skin and deal with it.”

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With Verdugo banished to the clubhouse, Wilyer Abreu made his season debut for the Red Sox in the fifth inning after being called up to replace injured Jarren Duran.

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