“Jeopardy!” can be exciting to watch with friends and family as everyone tries to prove how smart they are, and that especially was the case for a sports category this week.

The category was “Hall of Famer by Position.” Contestants were given multiple names and had to guess what position they played. It seemed like a simple task, but that wasn’t the case.

The $400 answer naturally was the easiest with Joe Namath and Joe Montana guessed correctly as “What is quarterback.”

Things went downhill from there when the next answer was Bill Russell and Bill Walton. The panel failed to answer centers. Yikes.

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The next answer was Bob Feller, Bob Lemon and Bob Gibson. This might be tough on the surface, but those names could be construed as stereotypical baseball names. And the sport is renowned for iconic pitchers, so that should have been guessed… but crickets.

“This might be a long category,” host Ken Jennings said, per Awful Announcing.

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The next answer went back to football: Jerry Rice, Randy Moss and John Stallworth. Quarterback was easy, but somehow wide receiver was not guessed.

The $2,000 answer was the hardest: Gump Worsley, Shrimp Worters and Ray Westwick. This can be excused as a fair answer not to get. They were ice hockey goalies.

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Jennings could not believe it when he explained what the answer was as the contestants were self-aware enough to laugh at themselves for only getting one answer correct.

It was an embarrassing category for the “Jeopardy!” contestants, though sports fans likely would have only gotten that category and not have studied up on their history, literature or geography.