The start of the New England Patriots’ historic championship legacy has returned to the center of the sports world.

This week marked the premiere of “The Dynasty” on Apple TV+, a new docuseries that analyzes the 20-year run of the Patriots in a 10-part installment. The first episode details where the chance for greatness began when Bill Belichick stuck with second-year quarterback Tom Brady after a crushing injury to franchise passer Drew Bledsoe.

In dissecting the episode, FS1’s Colin Cowherd reflected on the mood in New England when Brady was chosen over Bledsoe.

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“Robert Kraft did not like the move,” Cowherd said on “The Herd” on Friday. “The Boston media did not like the move. The star, highly-compensated Drew Bledsoe, did not like the move.”

Bledsoe eventually got healthy in the middle of the season, giving Belichick a decision to make. Rather than going back to the $100 million quarterback that had already earned the Patriots a Super Bowl berth in 1996, Belichick took his chances with a sixth-round draft pick.

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“Drew Bledsoe was good,” Cowherd assessed. “This wasn’t some stiff. This was a top-10 quarterback in the league. Big guy. Top pick that could sling it.”

Bledsoe still played a major role for the 2001 Patriots, filling in for Brady in the AFC Championship Game after leaving the game with an ankle injury. Bledsoe did the job as New England advanced to Super Bowl XXXVI, where the team won its first championship with Brady as the MVP. Looking back on how New England developed into history from that point on, Cowherd credited the legendary head coach for a franchise-changing decision.

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“Belichick put his neck out,” Cowherd said. “His career was on the line. … That took guts. I know the internet wasn’t a big thing (back then), but let’s not do revisionist history here.”

Cowherd isn’t always the biggest Belichick fan, though he can certainly understand the value of how one decision sparked an incredible era for the Patriots.

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