Grant Williams started a Twitter dispute with Donovan Mitchell on Thursday, and it did not end well for the former Boston Celtics forward.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star posted offseason photos of himself, and what caught fans’ attention was Mitchell’s use of a chest pad while bench pressing.

Perhaps Mitchell was using it to maintain his form or using it to prevent a shoulder injury, but it’s not a common sight for a highly-trained professional athlete.

“Chestpad brother … how old are we,” Williams tweeted with laughing crying emojis.

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It was bold of Williams, who reportedly was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, to troll Mitchell. And the 26-year-old knew exactly what to clap back with.

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Mitchell called back to the end of a Celtics-Cavaliers matchup on March 6, where Williams had the chance to give Boston the win if he made at least one free throw with 0.08 seconds left in the tied game.

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Williams boldly proclaimed, “Imma make them both,” when trash talking Mitchell, but he failed to back up his promise, and the Celtics lost the matchup in overtime.

Timing is everything, and it didn’t seem like Williams understood this when talking trash to Mitchell just four months after their infamous incident.

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