Tom Brady’s recent remarks about the current state of the NFL didn’t sit well with one of his all-time favorite targets.

Brady recently grabbed headlines when he argued that “there’s a lot of mediocrity” in the modern league. Between coaching, player development and schemes, the legendary quarterback believes the NFL isn’t as good of a product as it used to be. Brady also thinks new rules have led to “a lot of bad habits” circulating around the league.

The criticisms weren’t met with approval from Randy Moss, who pushed back at his former teammate Sunday morning on ESPN.

“The reason why I’m a little bothered by what I heard from Tom is because the quarterback position was the first position we, as football fans, start looking at where they start changing the game,” Moss said. “‘Is this going to be a two-hand touch league? You’re sitting there laying the quarterback down all soft.’ Well, Tom Brady is a reason for that. You’re sitting up here yelling at the officials, writing back to the National Football League.

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“So, where did they start changing the game of football? At the quarterback position. So, that’s why I’m bothered by it. Another thing I’m bothered by: Why did he have to wait until he retired to say that type of stuff? You could have said that stuff back when you were playing the game. It started out with changing the quarterback position and it’s just crazy to me now that he’s sitting now that he’s done.”

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This wasn’t the first time Brady was ribbed by a former pass-catcher over critical comments about the modern NFL. Last month, Rob Gronkowski chirped the seven-time Super Bowl champion after he claimed the league is shifting more toward “flag football.”

Brady figures to spark conversation moving forward, too. The future Pro Football Hall of Famer will start his new gig as an NFL analyst with FOX next season.

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