Daniel Jeremiah’s latest mock NFL draft has the New England Patriots selecting wideout Marvin Harrison Jr. with the third pick instead of snagging an upgrade at the quarterback position.

In the mock draft, Jeremiah has the Patriots bringing in a veteran signal caller instead of drafting LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels.

However, the NFL Draft guru laid out a different scenario during his pre-NFL Scouting Combine conference call on Thursday.

“I think if you’re the Chargers and you want to trade down, you’re praying that the fourth quarterback emerges from now to the draft,” Jeremiah said, per league-provided transcript. “I think when it’s all said and done, it feels like to me that you’re going to have the three quarterbacks go 1, 2, 3 when we get down to it.

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“Whether that’s New England taking one or either them or Washington trading out and somebody coming up. It just feels to me, talking to people around the league that seems to be the expectation.”

The Chargers have the fifth overall pick in the draft, and Jeremiah laid out a different scenario for Los Angeles.

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“If you are looking at who you are going to trade for … there’s those three top receivers. I don’t know that anybody is coming up for one of those guys,” Jeremiah said. “The tackle depth is really good, so even though you have players worthy of trading up for, there’s so many of them that I don’t think that would be the case.”

Jeremiah added the Chargers could still snag a top quarterback even if Daniels, Caleb Williams and Drake Maye are off the board by the time Los Angeles is on the clock at the NFL Draft on April 25.

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“I think you’re rooting for JJ McCarthy. You’re looking for McCarthy, to me Bo Nix. You need another quarterback,” Jeremiah said. “If another quarterback emerges through the process, then you’re looking at kind of that sixth pick with the Giants to eighth pick with the Falcons, those viewed as quarterback potential teams.

“Then they would be sitting in a pretty good spot for somebody trying to come up, which would be pretty nuts if four of the first five picks were quarterbacks. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility.”

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