FOXBORO, Mass. — Is there anyone across New England that isn’t a fan of the Patriots’ impending offensive changes?

We’ve heard about the Patriots’ newfound excitement throughout the offseason, with Bill O’Brien brought on to lead what was one of ugliest offenses in all of football last season. Mac Jones has spoken about the “fresh start” he feels O’Brien will bring, while Trent Brown discussed how much he loves the fiery attitude his new coaching staff has brought. There were even fans around New England who knew how impactful the hiring of O’Brien is expected to be.

On the opening day of Patriots training camp, it was the defense’s turn to share their excitement.

“I was really happy to see it,” Patriots safety Kyle Dugger said. “You love to see things that are going to make the team better and make you as a defender better. You love to see stuff like that, so it just made me excited for the season. …

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“They definitely have a lot of things they can get to. They can make it look a lot of different ways. It only makes us better, and makes them better as well, and challenges us. I’m definitely happy to see it.”

“You love to see things that are going to make the team better … so it just made me excited for the season.”

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Patriots safety Kyle Dugger on New England’s offense

The arrival of O’Brien isn’t going to automatically fix the Patriots’ offense, and New England knew that. Bill Belichick and company went out and signed Mike Gesicki to complement Hunter Henry, supplying O’Brien with the tools to run back his classic two-tight end sets.

Dugger, who is tasked with stopping those two at practice throughout the season, knows how impactful the duo has the ability to be.

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“They’re two points of emphasis on the offense,” Dugger said. “They’re two guys that are really good in the red area, really good in space and do a lot of things really well. It just makes us better. It’s great work for us and I think, at the end of the day, it makes us better.”

If you weren’t excited for the offense before, perhaps Dugger’s glowing review did enough to convince you to be.

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