The Red Sox will be seeking out new leadership in the front office after Thursday.

Boston parted ways with chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom before the team’s first half of its doubleheader against the New York Yankees at Fenway Park.

General manager Brian O’Halloran was offered a new senior leadership position in the baseball operations department. He and assistant general managers Eddie Romero, Raquel Ferreira and Michael Groopman will perform day-to-day duties in the interim.

Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy spoke with reporters to express that the decision was not made easily but noted the goal for the club was to win championships.

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“It’s very early days to be talking about specifics when it comes to a candidate at the end of the day,” Kennedy said, as seen on NESN. “We need leadership. These are big operations. We need leadership that can help continue to build the organization from the bottom up, can continue to promote and expand processies, procedures, medical, analytics, keeping up with this ever-changing game. Leadership that is focused on winning at the big-league level. It’s something we’ve all been trying to do for the last several years, and that will be the mandate going forward.”

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O’Halloran revealed in a radio appearance the Red Sox were committed to adding talent next offseason. But Boston will not focus on a specific individual or philosophy.

“I think a lot gets made of individual baseball philosophy and how they think about the game,” Kennedy said. “I would just say we’re committed to bringing the next group of leadership to take us back where we belong.”

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“Leadership that is focused on winning at the big-league level.”

Red Sox president Sam Kennedy on leadership search

Kennedy noted that while one person was not to blame, the focus for the Red Sox was winning and playing baseball in October. There was no speculation on candidates, but the search would begin immediately.

“We haven’t made any determinations. We have no plans with respect to filling these two roles,” Kennedy said. “We may fill these roles with one individual, find he or she that wants to lead the organization. Could be a general manager — it could be president of baseball operations. We’ll have to see. (Thursday) is about thanking our leadership that really worked their tails off and announcing the change to you guys.”

The search for leadership in baseball operations will be “broad” and “could take a while,” according to Kennedy, who also praised O’Halloran and the other assistant general managers for their ability to step in during the interim.

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