Jerod Mayo on Wednesday officially was introduced as New England Patriots head coach, and a former teammate of his was present at the ceremony at Gillette Stadium.

Devin McCourty played with Mayo during the first six seasons of his NFL career. The three-time Super Bowl champion enjoyed his first year of retirement this season as a broadcast analyst at NBC.

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After Mayo and Robert Kraft gave opening statements, they took questions from the media present at the news conference, and McCourty got in a question for the first Black head coach in Patriots history.

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“I know obviously huge opportunity and everyone wants to know who’s the coordinator, who’s this, X’s and O’s. But have you had the opportunity just to celebrate with your family and really soak in the opportunity being the first Black coach?” McCourty asked. “All the lessons you’ve learned being here, have you had the opportunity to just take, whether (Wednesday night), 10 minutes, to really kind of enjoy and take on what you’re about to do next?”

“I haven’t had that opportunity, but we’re turning up (Wednesday night),” Mayo told McCourty. “Back to work (Thursday).”

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McCourty added he would join in on the celebrations with Mayo, who also fielded questions about the future of the Patriots and his goals as head coach and successor to Bill Belichick.

Mayo reportedly already has been busy assembling his staff, which could include multiple former Patriots players as position coaches.

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Featured image via Paul Rutherford/USA TODAY Sports Images