New England Patriots receiver Kendrick Bourne is thrilled to have an offensive coordinator who knows what he’s doing.

It really might be that simple.

“Bill’s familiar with what he’s doing, so it feels good,” Bourne told reporters Friday when asked about offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien after the team’s OTA session at Gillette Stadium. “You can tell he knows what he’s doing in all areas of the offense — receiver, linemen, running back. He knows offense a lot, so it feels good.

“He’s doing well. He knows how to engage with all of us, I feel like,” Bourne added in reference to O’Brien. “He knows our traits right now and he knows where to put us, so it’s been good. We’re still learning each other as a group, but he’s doing well. You can tell he knows what he’s doing.”

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Those listening to Bourne’s sentiments about O’Brien knowing what he’s doing probably couldn’t help but feel the wideout was comparing the veteran play-caller to someone who didn’t know what they were doing — cough, cough, Matt Patricia. Bourne, who fell out of favor with Patricia calling the offensive plays last season, essentially was asked just that, allowing him to provide a defense of that interpretation.

Bourne’s response was just as telling as the ones previously, though.

“It just feels good. Change is good. It’s something we needed, I feel like,” Bourne said. “It’s good. It feels good so far, so yeah, if that’s what it’s gonna be, then it’s better so far.”

Bourne, who shared that he put on offseason weight and currently is in a physically-fit shape “he’s never been before,” reflected on New England’s underwhelming 2022 campaign. He took personal responsibility and said how he disappointed himself, but also acknowledged how the Patriots are leaving last year in the past.

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“It’s different now,” Bourne said of the season which he was limited to 35 catches on 48 targets for 434 yards and one touchdown.

It’s fair to think the biggest difference, at least in the eyes of Bourne, is because O’Brien replaced Patricia and former quarterbacks coach Joe Judge. It makes Bourne excited to play in O’Brien’s offense, which he called fast, versatile and consistent.

“Just how it feels. It feels good. It feels fast. Just exciting, man. Everybody’s on the same page,” Bourne said. “You can feel the growth already, so that’s the most exciting part. I feel like we’re gonna know exactly what we’re doing and who we are — figuring out who we are quickly.”

Another aspect that could help the Patriots offense this season? A possible signing of free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who reportedly will visit the team next week. Bourne expressed how he would be all for the addition.

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Featured image via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images