Mike Greenberg echoed the sentiments of most Jets fans when it came to Zach Wilson after the Cowboys’ dominant win over New York in Dallas on Sunday.

The “Get Up” host is an open Jets fan and voiced his confidence through ESPN airwaves in New York’s chances to win the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. Greenberg’s mood dramatically shifted after Rodgers tore in Achilles in Week 1, and it didn’t take long for his patience with Wilson to run out.

“This kid is not an NFL quarterback,” Greenberg said on “Get Up” on Monday. “They’re not playing with an NFL quarterback on the field, and you can’t do that against a good defense or a bad defense. They’re scared to let him do absolutely anything, and they should be. Aaron Rodgers going down ended their season unless they get another legitimate option. Call the Vikings and beg them to trade you Kirk Cousins or someone else, because I hate to say it. It’s the opposite of what I’ve been suggesting fans need to say. But I have to tell the truth. They coach like they know he can’t play, and that’s the reality.”

Minnesota started the season 0-2, and Week 3 against the Los Angeles Chargers could decide its season.

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Cousins might not fare well with the Jets’ offensive line but has shown he can at least sling the ball and not hinder superstar Justin Jefferson’s abilities, which the Jets might keep in mind for Garrett Wilson.

However, head coach Robert Saleh, as he typically does, voiced his confidence in Zach Wilson, and the Jets trended toward starting the third-year quarterback against the New England Patriots this Sunday.

Wilson completed 50.9% of his passes in four career games against New England with two touchdown passes and seven interceptions. He’s also been sacked 11 times, which doesn’t bode well for a quarterback pressured at the highest rate in the league at 53.4%, per Pro Football Focus.

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